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Welcome to the Northend!


Since Dollie McGuire started programs for children and adults when she founded the “House of Prayer for All People” in 1887, the United Church has been present to the people in Winnipeg’s north end. Today, the north end is home to a large Aboriginal population, giving the neighbourhood vibrancy and character. The commitment of Northend Stella Community Ministry is to actively work in partnership with this dynamic group of people who make this community their home.

Repenting historic Church practices (read more here) which ignored the gifts of traditional Aboriginal culture and spirituality, Northend Stella is committed to:

  • Building on the strengths of people of all ages to work together for hope and healing.
  • Respecting the two paths of Christian teachings and ceremonies and traditional Aboriginal teachings and ceremonies, (read more here soon)
  • Developing leaders from within the Northend community.
  • Addressing the continuing affects of colonization and racism.
  • Creating a more just society.
Meet me at the Bell Tower: the power of community partnering

Meet me at the Bell Tower: the power of community partnering

NESCM activities currently include:

partnerships with other Northend agencies and groups to improve the quality of life in the community

  • educating the United Church community on Aboriginal issues and encouraging action
  • worship circles
  • monthly community suppers
  • Partners in Mission
  • Networking with other United Church Aboriginal Ministries

What is a community ministry?

NESCM is one of a network of community outreach ministries governed by the United Church’s Winnipeg Presbytery under the banner of Other neighbourhood ministries in this network are St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry (West End), West Broadway Community Ministry and Oak Table Community Ministry (Osborne Village).

UCC Crest for website new one 2012The United Church’s network of community ministries is diverse. They share some characteristics in common though. These ministries serve an economically and socially stressed neighbourhood with a primary focus on assisting people to have their physical needs (like food and housing) met in addition to providing for their spiritual needs. Historically the word “mission” was used to describe this work. Today, the United Church recognizes ministries like Northend Stella as places where mission work is two way; the Church benefiting as much from the gifts of community members as it is able to give. Many community ministries are also worshipping communities, although it may not be the kind of Sunday morning experience typically thought of as a congregation. Worship happens throughout the ministry, often in small circles or at times when the people gather for celebration or to mourn loss.

Other Winnipeg ministries supported by the United Church are Rainbow Ministry (serving the LGBTTQ community), United Church Halfway Homes, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration, Project Peacemakers, Student Christian Movement and Aurora Family Therapy Institute. In addition, most congregations contribute to support work locally, nationally and globally. For a complete picture of the work supported by the United Church across Canada and around the world visit